Frank's Vegetable Garden

The 2010 Garden

The photo on the right is from the end of the 2010 gardening season, the pickles were a late season test that turned out good. The 5 peppers just did not want to stop but a frost fixed that.

The garden area was a woods until 2009 when I began transforming it into a garden, digging and grinding stumps, turning the soil, adding stuff to improve the soil and so on.

For 2011, I will increase the size and add more compost and if all goes well I just might regain some of my old gardening skills.

Adding Fun To Your Gardening

Adding fun to gardening comes in a number of ways. Some simple, some time consuming. You could try planting a strawberry Plant in the garden and another in a pot or planter and see which produces the best. OR change the PH for a plant in one and not for another in another location, (I have seen the color of flowers change by doing this). Mulching or not mulching can make a deference, and so on.

By doing good record keeping can help you find ways to improve your garden and OR things not to do.

Frank's Vegetable Garden

Welcome, still working on this area.

More to come